Ben's Toy Closet

Kids of all ages and abilities need access to their environment. They learn through play, tactile and sensory stimulation, cause and effect, figuring out how things work. But not all children have the typical motor movement (ability to grasp, limited or irregular functional arm movement, etc) that allows them to play with regular toys. There are adapted toys out there but they are expensive and most times are not covered by insurance. Ben’s Toy Closet is a program where children with differentabilities can receive toys, switches or other devices that would enable them to play and learn. If you have a child or client that would benefit from this program, please complete the forms below. With questions, email Elizabeth Gerlach at

Click here for a sample toys from Ben’s Toy Closet.

Ben’s Toy Closet is closed to new applications for this year. The good news - we have received a SO MANY toy application for December. The bad news - I need to close the application process for now. We’re at capacity for this year and I want to be able to fulfill the applications that we have already received.